Lottie's classes are a breath of fresh air, from teaching pranayama practice to her soothing visualisation in savasana. She uses an eclectic soundtrack to suit each session's vibe, too. Her class and workshop content is varied and rich to consistently develop her students' ability. Sessions are layered with meditation and yogic philosophy. Each has its own distinct feel; all are warmed by her easygoing attitude. While leading us in advanced poses, she'll say with a smile: 'It's just yoga.' Lottie's yoga is just... life-affirming.


I’ve been attending Lottie’s Saturday morning Yoga classes for several years now. Lottie is an inspirational teacher, offering plenty of guidance and encouragement whilst at the same time allowing me to work at my own pace and within my capabilities. The class itself is very friendly and everyone is made to feel welcome which makes every lesson a pleasure. The benefits of yoga (for me) are manifold; it is a perfect low impact full body workout that ideally complements high intensity activities such as karate. It is also psychologically beneficial and I often emerge from classes feeling energised, relaxed and ready for the day. What more can you ask? Thank you, Lottie!


I love Lottie's yoga lessons. She is such a welcoming, warm, caring and supportive teacher, who encourages the whole class to do the best they can and, just as importantly, let's us all know that our best is good enough. Lottie helped me get back to yoga after 10 years without it, and I'm so glad she did. The change to how my body feels and moves as a result is amazing. I'd recommend anyone to come along and give yoga with Lottie a try.


Warm, welcoming, patient… a great class to build confidence and aid recovery. I don’t usually enjoy routine, but the results were felt quickly and I found myself protecting Tuesdays and looking forward to the physical and mental release of class... I signed up for the Saturday class as well! I thoroughly recommend this class to anyone looking to try yoga for the first time or find a welcoming yoga home.


I love yoga with Lottie. The yin sessions are very relaxing and always help me sleep. Lottie is a kind, caring teacher.


Lottie is a very calm, patient, encouraging and thoughtful yoga teacher. I often enter the room each week feeling tense and with a lot on my mind but I know that won't last long and I will leave feeling refreshed, stretched and balanced.


I have been attending Lottie’s yoga classes for 3 years - I would whole heartedly recommend Lottie as an inspirational yoga teacher. I took up yoga following a serious illness, and I am so grateful to have joined Lottie’s classes - my recovery has been much swifter as a result. Over the years, I have increased the number of weekly classes because the benefits to my mental well-being and flexibility (I’m not a young fellow!) have been tangible. Lottie is a kind but progressive teacher, able to help people what ever their abilities - and it’s fun too!


I always fancied trying some yoga, now I'm addicted, great friendly classes, with a good mix . If you're thinking of trying some yoga, Lottie's classes are definitely worth checking out.......Lottie's very welcoming and a great teacher.


Lottie's classes are a 'mini retreat' from the working week. A place of relaxation, you are made to welcome and there's always an opportunity to request to work on different parts of your body. If you're new to yoga or have been practicing for a long time, Lottie always goes the extra mile to ensure you feel supported. Whether it's an hour's class, a workshop or private lesson, you leave Lottie's classes feeling revitalised and relaxed. There is no better way to describe Lottie's classes than 'A hug on a mat' I would highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to do yoga under the guidance of a great teacher.


I'm so glad I found Lottie's classes - they are my sanctuary from the weekly stresses and strains.
Lottie helps and encourages everyone in the class whatever their ability, subtly and patiently giving extra support whenever it's needed.
I look forward to every class and always leave feeling stronger and calmer.


I have practiced yoga with many different teachers over the last 25 years and Lottie's classes are one of the best I have attended. Lottie creates a calming and nurturing environment which is just what I was looking for having not being able to get to regular class for a while. Even after the first class I felt comfortable and confident with the movement, stretches and poses. Its been 3 months since I started Lottie's classes and I have definitely noticed my body feeling freer, my breathing being more naturally controlled and my mind being more focused.